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First things first…thank you. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your prayers. Yes yours prayers helped significantly, and even though I personally don’t know what you prayed for I know our Father listened and payed attention and He acted. Thailand was great….it was more than great. I felt the presence of the Lord so much, He is so good and I literally can’t begin to explain the love and appreciation I have for Him!! In this post I’m going to highlight some amazing things that happened while I was blessed enough to be in Thailand!

We had the privilege of volunteering a couple times in a special needs school. Now everyone no matter who they are have needs that are special and unique to them, and we are all loved, created, and handcrafted by Jesus, we are all made to be just the way we are. I love the creative liberty the Lord took when forming us in our mothers womb. The kids at the school are so uniquely amazing. They are loving without bounds which makes it that much easier to love them and to look out into the world and want to love other just the way they love people. I believe that many of the kids have a special gift to see others the way God see us, they don’t discriminate, exclude, or separate. But instead they welcome all and are happy with those around. 

At the school not only did we have a wonderful time hanging out and just having plain fun, but we went over Mother’s Day weekend and made crafts like ‘flat Stanley’ but instead made flat versions of ourselves or our mothers/ grandmothers/ caretakers. We sang songs, told jokes, encouraged teachers. We came giving what we had and left full of joy and love and memories that will never be forgotten. 

We got to experience some awesome foods while in fellowship with new friends and having some of the best conversations over a wonderfully cooked meal.

Okay besides the food there was a lot more that we got to experience, all thanks to the homeboy Jesus Christ. For example…the House of Blessing Foundation. 20799955_1632209256854267_1384388340515148191_n

about The House of Blessing Foundation “Our vision is to help the less fortunate, prisoners and young offenders to be good people and integrate them back to society.”
ความมุ่งมั่นและวิสัยทัศน์ของมูลนิธิ คือ การตั้งปณิธานที่จะให้ความช่วยเหลือผู้ด้อยโอกาส ผู้กระทำผิด ผู้พ้นโทษ เพื่อเป็นคนดีกลับคืนสู่สังคม

When you walk through the doors (when there are doors, because they have a very open floor plan) your eyes land on the sweet faces of beautiful children and you are instantly filled with joy. Your heart grows even more when you step inside a classroom and sit down (in the middle of children) for Sunday school. As the children sing ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children’ you are reminded of the huge father heart of God. How He indeed is a God of many nations, languages, cultures, and people. We had the privilege of spending some sweet time with the children. We did many things, much of which included running around…and laughs…so many joy filled laughs.

Language, the English Language. How awesome is it to have such a simple gateway into almost  any community around the world?! As a native English speaker we had (and still have) the privilege to teach English in communities, schools, churches. This time in Thailand we were invited to go to a school and do an English day camp. This day camp was super special though because not only did we get to teach English but we also go to have our own church service, with a testimony, worship through song, and a message from the word. It was so encouraging to see these children, many of whom do not know Jesus be surrounded by His love. They were overfilled with joy and surrounded by smiles, laughter (all of which truly comes from Jesus). We prayed over the room, we prayed over the school, and we prayed over the children. After preparing for this day we were finally able to begin our English day camp. It exceeded my expectations. We taught some English vocab through the topic of seasons in America. Teaching them what life is like in all different times of the year in America. Showing them that there are different things that happen all year round but one thing that is the same throughout the year is that we, as Christian, (are supposed to) go to church all throughout the year. IMG_0828IMG_0847IMG_0860IMG_6503IMG_6522

Thailand was amazing and I would not have been able to go at all without any of my supporters. Prayer is powerful so thank you. Also even though I am not in Thailand now, even though I have left does not mean that the work is not done! For the Lord has called many many missionaries to do His work and believe me that these people are all so amazing! Each one I met has a powerful story and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are, and will continue to, do amazing work. They have an ear towards heaven listening to what the still small voice is telling them to do and where He is telling them to. The families are amazing, the children oh the children have something about them that you will not see anywhere else. They too have sacrificed oh so much, they have left their families, their friends, and their familiar home to come across the world and love on the people of Thailand. They have so much wisdom, believe it or not, but these children have a faith so strong and their future is so God filled the angels are dancing for what the future holds. Each one of them is special, each one of them is caring, each one of them is loved beyond what their minds know.



p.s. not all of the awesome children and families are pictured but trust me when I say that they are all super cool and amazing and special!

to read more about our trip please visit the rest of my blog! click here to read more 🙂


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