newfound love

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Jesus? Have I proclaimed His goodness recently? I want to tell you how I adore the way He loves, the way He speaks, and the way He comforts. I began this journey to Thailand ready to make an impact on this nation. I came expecting to pour myself out over and over again. I came with the words on my lips from the Desert Song “I know I’m filled to be emptied again, the seed I’ve received I will sow.” I came loving this land and now have a newfound and greater (dare I say God sized) love for the people, for their souls of which I long to be saved. I see them in a new way not as people who just need love but also those who need a savior. I entered Thailand with these expectations but as I sit here I rejoice how the Lord has humbled me. I thank Him so much for how He has worked through me, how He has given me this new mentality of missions.

The happenings:

We had the privilege to work at the missionary retreat in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. There many Jesus loving people who have been called to serve the Savior in Thailand gathered for a spiritual renewing. Me along with several others got to spend time with the Missionary Kids, also known as MKs. We not only got to spend time in the classroom with them but also over the course of the whole retreat, fellow-shipping, encouraging, and just having fun with them! In the “classroom” we sang worship songs, had devotional time as well as prayer, and completed crafts and executed some awesome games. It was awesome to just love on the kids and show (even more) of Jesus heart for them and how much He loves them being here in Thailand doing work for Him. It was encouraging to hear how much of an impact we had on the kids by just living life with them, enjoying their company, sharing how Jesus has impacted our lives and how much of a personal decision following Him can be! ​ Our last night at the retreat was a western type carnival filled with awesome food. Did I mention I have this newfound love also for bananas…in like every form…like warm fried bananas, banana smoothies, fresh tiny bananas. Wow God sure knew what He was doing when He made bananas. Anyway the western night was so much fun for me cause I got to spend like half the night, hours playing with my new friends…oh yeah I forgot to say they are 3 (almost 4) and 4. I love them so much because they are filled with so much joy and the Father has blessed them with these contagious laughs and adorable smiles!! We played house, ball, babies, hide and seek, dance party. It was great! During the retreat there was a leisure day and many of us chose to go to Erawan National Park and hike the 7 layer waterfall. It was beautiful. Except for the fish…there we so many fish, and they weren’t like the cute fish you can pay to eat the dead skin off your feet…no these fish bit you but they were huge and nasty and followed you everywhere you swam. ​Besides the fish it was truly beautiful. To walk in Gods’ creation with some amazing people. It’s just wonderful talking with them and learning, getting all the wisdom I didn’t even know I needed.

another one of my awesome friends who hiked to the top of the SEVEN layer falls without any help!!

 Going to the retreat and meeting all of these awesome people is great but what I loved even more is being there. I have this huge heart to help people in anyway possible. I love to do anything for others but especially bless people in everyday ways. I love to clean for people and watch their kids and cook for them and to be able to come halfway across the world and do that for families whom the Lord has called to serve makes my heart grow more and more every time. I have been told before that I help but sometimes too much, nevertheless I still keep helping others. I know how much it pleases my Father in heaven to see me loving and helping His children so I don’t think I will ever stop helping people. When people tell me it’s too much it makes me what to help even more. I love having a place to help and that’s one reason why I feel like the Lord has called me into missions. He knows one of the desires of my heart is to help and in missions (whether overseas or at home) there will always be a need and anywhere I go I will be able to fulfill an empty position because Jesus will lead me there.

also while here in Thailand I got to celebrate my birthday, and that was a blessing not only living another year but God put people in my life on my birthday who showed me love. a great love so much so that I could cry. on my birthday I watched Nacho Libre, had birthday chocolate chip cookies, chicken pot pie, carrot cake, green beans. and dwell in all the love around me. ❤️


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