Meeting week

Hello again! 

It has been almost a week since I last posted an update, and a lot has gone on since then. We have all pretty much fully recovered from jet lag and are now starting to get into the groove of things here in terms of ministry as well as daily life.

We have been up to a lot lately, a lot of it related to the upcoming missionary retreat, where all of the long-term missionaries across Thailand will get a chance to be refreshed and have a little bit of a break. Jazmine, Lucy, and I play a role in it in that we will have the opportunity to get watch over the missionary kids while their parents are involved in the retreat. Besides giving the parents a break, I am excited that we will have the chance to go through daily devotionals as well as encourage them (they also need a break since being a missionary kid can also be stressful at times). We are hoping that we will be able to give the kids a chance to have some fun without stress or anxiety, as well as encourage their spirits. I am super excited to be able to serve in this way, and I pray that it will be a real blessing to the people serving here already.

In preparation for the retreat, these past few days we have been traveling around the area to meet with various families. We have been able to get to know some of the kids rather well already, and we have also had a chance to get an idea of the things that people are doing around Thailand. I have to tell you, there is a lot of really cool stuff going on here! The way people minister to the community and the avenues that they are involved in varies widely, so it is really cool to see how unique each family/team’s mission here is.

As always, I appreciate your prayers greatly. For this week, these are a few things that may be beneficial to pray for with regard to the people here:

  • Refreshment and renewal for the missionary families in Thailand
  • Wisdom and discernment for our team as we minister to the kids, that we might be able to encourage them well
  • Continued connection with local people

Thank you so much! I appreciate all of your support, and make sure to send any questions if you have any.

Thank you,


One thought on “Meeting week

  1. Hi Oscar,
    It is soooo nice to read your post. I praise the Lord that He has given you this chance to serve Him by serving others. Serving is your heart Oscar & you’re good at it. You are a natural with children which I can see how the Lord has guided you to serve through your own family. I see that in my own life. I didn’t understand it at first, but I see His hand in it all the way.
    Stay compassionate in the journey He has you on. He has a future for you Oscar & it will be customer made for you.
    Continue using the wisdom He has placed within you & He will continue to open the doors to where He wants you to be.
    God’s blessings on you Oscar as you grow more intimate with Him in your daily walk.
    With much love & prayers, stevie


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