Greetings from Bangkok!


I hope that things are going well for all of you guys who have already and also continue to support me, Lucy, and Jazmine through donations and prayer as we minister to the Thai people and the missionaries here. This is the first of many updates to come (my apologies that this one is rather lengthy), so I hope that you find them helpful and informative with regard to our work, as well as about Thailand in general. I would like to make this a little more interactive, so please send me questions that you may have and I will try to answer them if possible. Now, on to the updates:
We have arrived in Thailand, and have been here for two full days now. Our flight was rather long (we went from Chicago- ORD- to Seoul, Korea- ICN- to Bangkok, Thailand- BKK- in around 35 hours). The length was mostly due to our 16 hour layover in Seoul, which was in some ways a blessing because we had time to leave the airport and meet up with our good friend from Chi Alpha at Purdue, D’Andre, for a while, and he showed us a little bit around the city before we went back to the airport to sleep and then get up in the morning for the final leg of our flight. 

This long period of time was exhausting in some ways (we probably got about 8 hours of sleep over the whole 35 hours that we were traveling), but it was also good because we had the opportunity to orient ourselves to the new time zone (which is 11 hours ahead of Lafayette). As I write this update, we are for the most part recovered from jet lag, and should soon be back to 100% again.

At this point, we have settled in to our new residence here. We are staying in a dorm-style building in Bangkok, and it is a nice facility. Currently, there is only one other person is staying here besides the three of us, and he is a give-a-year intern working with the missionaries here. Our residence is very close to many things in the city, so it is easy to run down to restaurants (which are all open air here) or to a 7-Eleven (of which there are too many to count) or wherever else we need to go.

Currently, it seems like our work at least for a little while will be focused on supporting the programs of the missionaries that we are staying with. This entails stuff like community building and serving the people that live nearby whom the missionaries have already formed relationships with as well as the people that they have connected with at local churches. Today we hosted a get together at one of the churches, and we had a whole bunch of kids to play and interact with (which I had a blast doing). 

We apprecite your prayers (the most important and effective way that you can support us). To help facilitate your prayers, I have a few prayer points that you may find helpful:

  • People of Thailand discover God’s heart for them
  • New connections with neighboring people and strengthening of current ones
  • Passion for the Thai people
  • Boldness to be humble servants of God

Make sure to send me questions that you may have, and I will answer them if possible! 
Thank you, Oscar


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