double dipped

October 4, 1998. On that day I was 65 days old. On that day I was baptized.

November 4, 2016. On that day I was 6671 days old. On that day I was baptized.


Pastor Linda and Jazmine praying for me right before I take the plunge.

These two dates represent the same occasion, but the days are very different. Not only were the days different but so was the Lucy. Obviously I was only an infant the first time I was baptized but the life I lead the days after are very different than how I live my life now.

I have loved Jesus my whole life. I grew up learning about Him and the truths that are in His word. A couple years ago as I was starting to pick up the pace down the path of life I began to realize that there was something missing in my Christian walk. Looking at my life I didn’t really know God. I knew who He was but I didn’t have that relationship with Him. In 2014 on my first trip to Thailand I recognized the calling that He had for my life, to be a full time missionary. At that point I wanted to know God deeper, I wanted have so much love for Him that there was no other option but to have love overflow and to share that love with every precious soul the Lord has handcrafted. So that’s what I did! Back in 2014 I wholeheartedly made the commitment to Jesus to love Him, to be His beloved and live my life worthy of the calling He has given me! Back then He was working in me but now He is also working through me.


picture from IF:Gathering

On November 4, the day of my baptism I was in my quiet time with Jesus. I took this time to really prepare my heart for the night. I wanted to listen to Jesus and ask Him to share His story through me during my testimony. As I was listening I began to read. I came upon the passage that Paul writes in Philippians 1 where he is talking about not being ashamed but always honoring Christ in my body. He talks about the desire to be with the Lord but the calling to is stay here and proclaim His name in all the nations. My favorite part is when Paul says “only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ.” This. This is just another time when the Lord just wrecks me. He takes my life and turns it back for me to look at. He used this specific time to show me who/where I am and who/where I should be. God is forever working in me. He is forever molding me. He is forever loving me.


With all of the revelations and what not, Jesus instilled something very important in me that pertained to the calling He has for my life. If I am going to be telling people of Him I needed to truly know Him. So when I made the choice to follow the Creator with my heart wholly devoted to Him, my life changed. I didn’t really see it then but now looking back He is allowing me to see some of the fruits of His labor. He showed me how much I relied on others and how much I didn’t run to Him in my time of need. He revealed what I thought of myself and how it did not wholly align with how He sees me. He conveyed what I thought of Him and how He is much greater than I was believing. He showed me love and life and what they mean. Not that my life didn’t have meaning before but now I have a whole new set of eyes. I see myself how God sees me and I see Him truly for who He is. And I know that no matter where I am or what I do He is right there and His love is there. God loves me for who I am not the things I do.

I follow Jesus because He loves me. Jesus wants me to live for Him and I want to live for Jesus. I follow Him because I don’t have to worry about writing my own story because God has it already written and under control. I need to love Him with all my heart. I follow Jesus because I want to make His name known. I follow Jesus because of simply who He is. He is my savior and knows me as His beloved.


#MadeNew #DoubleDipped

I chose to get baptized at this point in my life because it is a time where I have significantly grown. Grown for Jesus. I am surrounded by those who love the Lord. Who set and example and I wanted to publicly declare that I LOVE JESUS.


I took communion with Jazmine as the first act after getting baptized.


Praying with Kim and Jazmine right before I take communion after getting baptized.

A week later at ignite I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. That night I took the Holy Spirit that was already in me and released Him is a newfound way. I had never really been exposed to the baptism in the Holy Spirit until this year. When I started to hear about it and how those around wanted me to be baptized in the Holy Spirit I began to think that they were pushing it on me and were going to try and forced it but now that I understand it and have been baptized I realize that they weren’t pushing but inviting. They weren’t forcing but sharing. I did not recognize how awesome the Holy Spirit really is!! I lit the fuse of the Holy Spirit dynamite…and can I just say it has exploded.




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