revelation at the door

Okay so I low-key had a revelation this morning (I guess it is high-key because I am telling y’all about it).  Friday, September 16, 2016. I am walking to my 10:30 lecture after just recovering, with some rest in my room, after enduring my 8:30 morning class. I walk normally with a straight face nothing to happy cause you know…it’s school. I take the scenic route past the lovely construction of the Honors College Dorm. As I walk past, one of the workers yells “BE HAPPY IT’S FRIDAY LET’S SEE A SMILE!!” Okay he got me there, I decide to change my attitude around because I have the privilege of going to a well established school and have the money to pay for it so I will be happy…but that is not when or where the Lord spoke to me. I am walking down the sidewalk up to the hall where my lecture is being held and I see in the close distance an old woman moving down the path with a walker. I am walking behind her but feel like the Lord is saying, “Lucy walk ahead of her and hold the door open so she can walk through with ease.” So when the Lord talks I decide that it’s probably a good idea to listen. I walk fast enough to get ahead of her but slow enough so it is not awkward when I am standing there holding the door waiting for her to walk through. Watching in the reflection of the door, my timing is perfect and I open the door just as she is about to walk in. I walk up and turn around with the door open and a smile so big! Looking at her with gladness because the servant heart in me is doing a small act of service for someone, and she  looks at me no smile or anything and says {in a monotone old lady voice} “it’s okay I can get it.” I was taken back when she said that. I felt so offended! Like really? I though to myself LADY I’M TRYING TO HELP YOU HERE BY OPENING THE DOOR, JUST ACCEPT IT! And as I was walking away appalled I was thinking about how I am going to tell my friends what just happened because I felt as though the lady wronged me by rejecting my service. Thinking about how I was going to convey my message to my friends, I started getting doubts because it is wrong to gossip about this old lady. I pondered on my story and what just happened and then that was when it hit me. I literally stopped in my tracks and realized, I am that lady. She embodies how I sometimes act towards God. I am crippled by the things of this world. God is literally right there and He walks with perfect timing, standing with the door open for me putting on His biggest smile inviting me in. And what do I do? I do not walk gratefully through the door. I shoo Him away saying I can do it in my own. Jokes on me because I can’t do anything on my own. The hand of the Lord is literally in every situation of my life. I need to take the free help he offers me not reject Him thinking that I can do it on my own.

Matthew 24:33 “So also, when you see all these things, you know that He is near, at the very door.”

Something that I have been working on is recognizing the Lord’s hand in my life. I have been trying to be as quiet and still as possible looking for the things He sets in front of me and listening for the words He is speaking into my life. Had I not been doing that I do not know if I would have heard the revelation from God. I recently saw this picture…


Picture found on Tumblr

I saw it and realized that is how I need to live. I need to really give my life up to the Lord because when I set my mind on the truths that come from the Lord I will become content with where He has me and not trying to live in the future. Do not get me wrong I am not perfect with being content but I am letting God move. I have decided to work on giving up control and focus on recognizing His hand in every little aspect of my life.

So Beloved I pray for perseverance and heart change when putting everything in God’s hands so that we might see His hands in everything and not just see but truly recognize that The King of Kings has invested His love and will in our life, and knows us as His Beloved.

Job 12:10 “In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.”


One thought on “revelation at the door

  1. I had a similar revelation imy early years driving truck and I asked a fellow employee who was nearing retirement how he was today and listened to his negative pessimistic response. My first thought was “I don’t want that to be me after 40 years of service”, but the revelation was that I was that man. It was the defining moment when I consciously said, “I will live in the joy of the Lord.” It took years of self correction and I’m still on the mission of finding God’s joy in all situations but it’s a great journey:) Thanks for the great message Lucy!


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