Power in the Name of Jesus

Starting at a hotel in the northern part of Chiang Mai, Thailand in a place called Fang. A small team of warriors for Jesus and I drive an hour to get to our main ministry village. From the main village we get on a little boat just big enough to hold our team and we take a scenic twenty minute ride up to a village hidden in the hills.

8.7.16 210

As we ride along the river with water up to the edge of our boat almost pouring in because the height of the river from all the rain we look up into the rolling green hills and see a roof laying on the bamboo made structure thinking nothing of it but as if it were a place to rest before going home after a days work in the hot summer Thai sun. Little did we know but that was actually a village where the Lord had planned for us to go that day. August 3, 2016. We arrived on land and went to several houses before lunch then took a truck over the  bumpy tree covered roads to the next village and were told as we walked up the beaten down heavy trodden dirt path that people in this village were not Christian and some had never even heard the name of Jesus. Walking to our scheduled house(s) of ministry and human trafficking prevention for the day I looked up the hill and there rested a humble home built of bamboo and up on stilts to prevent the invasion of flooding from the frequent rain. In front of the house standing there was a young 9 year old boy which is nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that he was naked…fully. You tend to look beyond the lack of clothing since the families can hardly afford what they are wearing, so you choose to look past and still love like Jesus. But looking up at that little boy it isn’t obvious but there is something about Him. At that moment I think God put me there that day for a reason, and although I may not have known at that moment I still choose to put my faith in the Almighty. We decided to combine our first two house, one because they were neighbors, and two because there were only so many hours in the day and they were running out. We thought by combining two houses we were changing plans and going-with-the-flow but it was the Lord who had orchestrated it all to happen just as it did. Because had we not combined houses we may have not gotten to visit the last house we did or had we combined all three we may not have been able to act as the Lord may have wanted. So by this little combination an act of God was made and was about to be enacted. After having our national present at the first house(s) we walked to our last house for the day.

8.7.16 220

This bamboo structure housed a beautiful woman and her children. Three young girls and a young boy (not pictured). Our national Chuom whom we had been training in the priceless cube presentation, forwarded the message of human trafficking prevention through education with the priceless cube, and then our translator gave the EvangeCube presentation. Had one of the North Americans done the presentation(s) we would of had to do double translation taking triple of the time which we did not have. She had not accepted Jesus into her heart yet but told us that she wanted to learn more so we gifted her with a bible and took her information for a follow up from the local church. Immediately after our presentations the sweet woman jumped into prayer requests. She told us about her son. He has been living with seizures since the day he was born and because of them he will only stay in the water. He does not come up to the house let alone allow anyone to touch him. We asked if we could lay hands on him while we pray and she repeated that he will not allow anyone to touch him. So I started to pray. I asked that the Holy Spirit would lead him up to us and calm his nerves and his mind to allow us to land hands while we pray for healing. Our nation Nok walked down to the boy (who seemed to have been already called out of the water, maybe by the Holy Spirit) laying his hand gently on his back and lead him up to the house, without hesitation. Nok put some pants on the still naked boy. We gathered around him laying hands and begun to pray Thai style. The Thai style of praying is when everyone present prays at the same time in their native language taking no time for translation knowing that the Lord hears and understands all. When the praying aloud started the boy was subtly shaking but as the praying went on he calmed and slowly began to sit down. When he reached the ground he sat and placed his sweet little hand upon my forehead. We prayed with everything we had and eventually all we could say was the name of Jesus, no words, nothing in between, just Jesus. Jesus. We finished prayer all said Amen and the little boy stood up and began to walk away but first put his hand on Tony’s (who is a warrior for Jesus from Canada). Then the boy walked away without stopping and walked inside, something his mother said had not happened in a long time.


Picture from Break Every Chain by Digital Age

His name is Shadree. He is 9 years old. He is the little boy on the hill. I do not know if he was healed at that moment but what I do know is that God is working. I do know that the Lord loves Shadree oh so much. I know that there is power in the name of Jesus. I know that the Spirit is present. So pray. Pray for Shadree because he is the Beloved of the Jesus.

Jeremiah 10:6 “No one is like you, LORD; you are great, and your name is mighty in power.”


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